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The Cast and Crew of Jekyll & Hyde

Cast List

Henry Jekyll - Reiss McSporran

Edward Hyde - Nat Hodgkiss

Lucy Harris - Hannah Lister

Emma Carew - Jess Hodgkiss

Utterson - Kerry Kemp

Spider - Armi Barreno

Sir Danvers Carew - TBC

Lady Beaconsfield - Leigh Kendal

General Glossop - Joy Baister

Lord Savage - James McPhearson

Sir Archibald Proops - Charis Virgo

The Bishop of Basingstoke - Rich Kee

Simon Stride - Jamie Graham

Poole - Sue Pointon

Nellie - Jasmin Bennett

Bisset - Emma Paterson-Stephens

Servant Trio - Deb Nimmo, Sian Everett, Katie Kinnon

Dance Troupe


People of London




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