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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you'll find the answers to any questions you might have here! If not, please get in touch!

  • When and where do you rehearse?
    Rehearsals are held on Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 7.30-9.30pm at Hadley Community Centre.
  • When and where do you perform?
    We normally perform twice a year at The Telford Theatre in Oakengates. Our shows are usually towards the end of April and October. However, with the Oakengates regeneration project, we will be unable to return to this venue until 2026 at the earliest. We are currently seeking alternative performance venues for our future shows. At present, our next productions will be at Theatre Severn (Walker Theatre) in Shrewsbury. Check out our "What's On" page to see when our next shows are!
  • How do I join TADLOP?
    Start by getting in touch either by our contact form or by emailing We hold "New Members Workshops" twice a year before starting rehearsals for a show and you can come along to these to meet our members and see how we work. If you missed the workshop don't worry, we can accept new members at the production team's discretion at other points throughout the rehearsal process. You may be invited to a rehearsal to join in and see how you get on. We do not formally audition new members, but instead look for enthusiasm and a good attitude. You must be 16+ to join TADLOP. However we frequently perform shows that involve younger cast members; sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch so that you can be the first to know if roles for young performers become available!
  • What are the membership fees?
    As of 2024, membership fees are paid yearly in January. This fee allows you to audition for our shows and TADLOP on Tour group, as well as be involved in any members-only events. TADLOP will now be charging show fees, which are due to be paid after auditions and when parts are assigned, these fees will vary depending on show budget. All audtionees will be made aware of the show fee cost before auditioning. The show fee must be paid immediately after auditions when the cast list released in order to take part in the show. With a £5 discount on this fee for students. If your show fee is not paid in a timely manner you will lose your role in the show. Annual membership fee due in January is £20 for all members (regardless of acting or non-acting), If you join TADLOP later on in the year, the £20 fee is still due if you join January - June, however those joining July-December will pay £10 membership fee.* An additional £10 must be paid by those in TADLOP on Tour to cover room hire costs. *Life-time members do not have to pay the £20 membership fee, but are expected to pay the show fee if they wish to take part in an upcoming production.
  • How do your auditions work?
    Before we can properly start rehearsals for a new show, we hold auditions for our leading players. You must be a paid-up member of TADLOP in order to audition. If you wish to be in the ensemble there is no need to audition. Prior to auditions the Production Team will hold some workshops to introduce the show, the characters, and the audition material. Depending on the role you wish to audition for you may be asked to learn sections from the show that demonstrate your acting, singing, and dance abilities. You will be given plenty of opportunity to practise and ask questions before the audition date. You will be given a timeslot for your audition in advance and you will perform your pieces solo in front of the audition panel. There may be a reader-in for the auditions who you can act against, and you may give them appropriate direction before performing your scenes. We know auditions can be scary, so if you need to take a moment to calm your nerves, or if you make a mistake and wish to start again, the panel will support you. They want you to succeed as much as you do! After auditions the panel will deliberate. It may be that another round of auditions is required before the cast list can be finalised, but you will be told this in advance. The Production Team will aim to have the cast list published within 24 hours of the final audition. If you don't get the part you want, you may be offered another role in the production or you can join the ensemble (sometimes they have more fun than the leads!). We ask that a professional level of conduct is held to after auditions as per our members policy. If you wish to withdraw from the show, your membership fee cannot be refunded. Additionally, if your show fee is not paid for in a timely manner (except for exceptional circumstances agreed by committee) then you will be unable to continue with the production and any part you may have been given will be offered to another member. If you have paid show fees and have to drop from the show, this payment also cannot be refunded (except for exceptional circumstanced agreed by committee).
  • Can I help out backstage?
    Yes! As long as you are 16+ we'd love to have you join the crew. We are always in need of stage hands to help with moving scenery and set on stage, but there's lots to get involved with if you have a specific skill or interest. If you can do hair or makeup, make costumes or help with quick changes, design or build set or props, keep a props room organised, chaperone any young performers, or take on front-of-house duties please get in touch by emailing Keep an eye on our social media for callouts for stage crew (including stage manager), front of house etc.
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