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9 to 5 the Musical 2023

April 20th - 22nd 2023

It is the year 1979, a time when apples and blackberries were things you used to pick behind the barn! New girl Judy has never worked before, but after her World is turned upside down she finds herself a divorcee and working at Consolidated Industries. The girls at Consolidated all find themselves stuck working for the egotistical, misogynist Franklin Hart Jr. She finds support and friendship thorugh her colleagues Violet and Doralee who have both had enough of Hart's henious behaviour. Violet has had enough of being overlooked for promotion from the 'boys club' and Doralee is out to prove she's more than the ditsy backwoods barbie the office thinks she is. Together they fantasize about getting their own back on him, before those fantasizes suddenly become a shocking reality!

Creative Team:

Director: Banayiodis Vanezi

Musical Director: Lorna Parkhouse

Choreographer: Ben Anderson

Production Assisstant: Sam Lampitt

Cast and Crew

Cast List:

Violet Newstead: Amelia Wildmore-Evans

Judy Bernly: Adele Clarkson

Doralee Rhodes: Charley Lampitt

Mr Hart: Alex Madden

Roz Keith: Stacey Taras

Joe: Nat Hodgkiss

Kathy: Emily Preece

Maria: Francesca Fernandes

Margaret: Rachel Cuthbert

Dick: Rob Lampitt

Dwayne: Jamie Graham

Josh: Josh Plank

Missy Hart: Deb Nimmo

Mr Tinsworthy: Steven Venezia

Bob Enright: Adam Hartley

Doctor: Kerry Kemp

Detective: Richard Lecrivain

Candy striper: Emma Paterson-Stephens

Cop: Dan Jackson

New Employee: Sam Lampitt

9 to 5 Ensemble:

Nicky Jefferies, Rob Toal, Sue Bradley, Anna Wootten, Katie Kinnon, Lyndsey Bird, Jasmin Bennett, Kitty Walkden, Joy Baister, Becky Hassall, Kurt Hassall, Jill Davies, Sarah Brown, Sammy Thomas.

Show Gallery

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