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Calamity Jane 2012

Commemorating our 40th Year we revisited our very first show from 1972: Calamity Jane

Cast and Crew

Cast List:

Calamity Jane Emma Burrows

Wild Bill Hickock Paul Roberts

Lieut. Danny Gilmartin Adam Giblin

Katie Brown Sabina Smith

Henry Miller Stephen Venezia

Susan Lyndsey Bird

Francis Fryer Stephen Davies

Adelaide Adams Helen Madden

Rattlesnake Ken Young

“Doc” Pierce Pete Lance

Joe William Hayward

Hank Craig Duffield

Pete Jordan McFarlane

Colonel of Fort Scully Stephen De Launey

Stage Door Jonnies William Hayward, Ken Brookes, Craig Duffield, Jordan McFarlane

Cowboy Michael Gregg

Can-Can Dancers Samantha Prior, Sarah Wilkes, Lucie Lowe, Becky Doyle


Louisa Kempster, Sue Pointon, Ken Brookes, Leigh Kendal, Julie Lowe, Sarah Herbert, Mairion Lowe, Anita Williams, Dilys Williams, Julia Corfield, Mary Young, Sarah Barnes, Craig Buffield, Jordan McFarlane, Ken Young, Helen Madden, Michael Gregg, William Hayward, Pete Lance, Sarah Wilkes, Lucie Lowe, Becky Doyle, Samantha Prior, Emily Walker, Annie Crozier, Jo MeMellon

Production team information for this show is currently missing.

Show Gallery

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