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Carousel 1988

Cast and Crew

Cast List

Carrie Pipperidge Delia Edwards

Julie Jordan Helen Hood

Mrs. Mullin Gwen Davies

Billy Bigelow Andrew Elcock

David Bascombe Reg Aston

Nettle Fowler Christine Angeloff

Enoch Snow Eric Pover

Jigger Craigin Bernard Redfern

Captain Ray Hindley

Policemen Bob Cairns Ian Hart

Heavenly Friend Tony Hale

Starkeeper Nigel Whyles

Louise Rachel Slater

Enoch Snow, Jnr Shane Oliver

Principal Norma Downing

Doctor Seldon Nigel Whyles

Louise Bigelow Rachel Slater

Show Children Shane Oliver Tricia Cartwright Jason Roberts Laura Fraser Sam Heap Natalie Davies Samantha Davies Jenny Evans James Pickford Francesca Bray Beth Pryce

Ruffians Dru Jagger Hannah Bacon Sarah Pickford Claire Pritchard Clare Lindsay

Carnival Boy Darren Garbett

Carnival Troupe Dancers Reg Aston Lorraine Brookfield Bob Cairns Robin Cooper Jason Doignie Victoria Dolan Annette Evans Ian Hart Ray Hindley Dean Hughes Sue Pointon Sally Rigby Norma Smith Justine Stanton

Production Team

Producer Eve Cooper

Musical Director Ian Pickford

Choreographer Victoria Dolan

Stage Manager Charles Perry

Assistant Stage Manager Mike Law

Stage Crew Peter Cooper Dennis Evans Phillip Brown Norman Jones Roger Knight Martin Dolan Mark Law Graham Breeze Joe Patrick Andrew Murray Terry Pike Roy Smart

Lighting Brian Eades

Sound Andy Chamley

Wardrobe Judith Healey assisted by Maureen Jones

Make-Up Nora Ball

Hair Norma Smith and Sue Munslow

Props Susan Goater Theresa Collins Julie Brewster

Hon. Accompanists Ann Stubley Pam Pickford

Prompts Mary Law Karl Angeloff

Calls Dorothy Roberts

Sponsorship Brian Roberts

Ticket Secretary Heather Whyles

Front of House Heather Whyles assisted by Society Members & Friends

Show Gallery

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