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Fiddler On The Roof 2004

Cast and Crew

Cast List:

Tevye (the dairyman): Andrew Murray

Golde (his wife): Helen Bryant

Tzeitel: Frances Cruddas

Hodel: Carmel Bradley

Chava: Annika Dixon

Shprintze: Ellie Farrington

Bielke: Lauren King

Yente (the matchmaker): Jennie Elliott

Motel (the tailor): Nigel Whyles

Perchick (the student): Rowan M Ashe

Lazar Wolf (the butcher): David Leask

Mordcha (the innkeeper): Roger Ashford

The Rabbi: Andrew Dippie

Mendel (his son): Daniel Evans

Avram (the bookseller): Terry Lockett

Nachum (the beggar): Tim Powell

Grandma Tzeitel: Sue Pointon

Fruma-Sarah: Jill Davies

Constable: Tony Phillips

Fydeka (a young Russian): Carl Wellington

Shandel (Motel’s mother): Sheila Hood

The Fiddler: Lydia Chapman

Chorus of Villagers and Russians: Naomi Conway, Karal Cowell, Jane Dippie, Margaret Evans, David Griffiths, Pat Hames, Kay Hodgson, Linda Hollington, Christine King, Patrick Lynch, Jo Matkin, Bev McCarthy, Jo McMellon, Shirlee G Phillips, Marie Picken, Aaron Prior, Andrew Sandilands, Sian Thomas, Dilys Williams, Mary Young

Children: Aaron Dippie, Edward Griffiths, Hannah Jones, Sarah King, Alex Lockett, Jack McCarthy, Michael McCarthy, Molly Smith

The Production Team:

Director & Choreographer: Lynn Hunt

Musical Director: Alistair Craib

Accompanist: Suzanne Findley

Stage Director: Mike Law

Stage Managers: John Brown, Peter Cooper

Stage Crew: Aaron Prior, James Curddas, Jon Drew, Russell Lucas, Shaun Parkes, Simon Tranter, Steve Ellis

Lighting Technician: Brian Eades

Sound Technician: Gary Parton

Stage Properties: Rosemary Shiels assisted by Patrick Hollington, Nathan Dippie, Gill Read-Jones

Wardrobe: Josie Downing assisted by Mary Dixon

Make Up: Chris Simmonds assisted by Sue Deighton, Bobby Thomas

Children Chaperones: Debbie Farrington, Paul Smith, Gill Smith, Russsell Lucas

Prompt: Barbara Devey

Front of House Manager: Norma Smith assisted by Friends and Members of the Society

Calls: Aaron Prior

Show Gallery

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