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Just So 2017

Cast and Crew

Cast List

The Eldest Magician - Reiss McSporran

The Elephant’s Child - Will Hayward

The Kolokolo Bird - Lydia Farnham

The Parsee - Lyndsey Bird

The Cooking Stove - Sue Pointon

The Rhino - Adam Wheeler

The Jaguar - Ryan Sayce

The Leopard - Adam Bradley

The Giraffe - Natalie Goldup

The Zebra - Thia Donnelly

The Kangaroo - Lucy Anderson

The Dingo Dog - Leigh Kendal

Pau Amma/The Crocodile - Richard Kee

King Elephant - Lousia Zukiewicz

Queen Elephant - Ebony Winters

Ensemble - Lucy Anderson, Lyndsey Bird, Adam Bradley, Sue Bradley, Annie Crozier, Thia Donnelly, Maddie Cuthbert, Natalie Goldup, Richard Kee, Leigh Kendal, Sam Lampitt, Laura Palczynski, Sue Pointon, Ryan Sayce, Sammy Thomas, Adam Wheeler, Ebony Winters, Louisa Zukiewicz

Production Team

Co- Directors - Rachel Cuthbert and Hannah Palmer

Musical Director - Sian Kyle

Rehearsal Pianist - Nykko Mickael Gregoire

Rehearsal Prompt - Sheila Hood

Dance Captains - Lucy Anderson, Lyndsey Bird, Sue Bradley, Richard Kee, Sammi McSporran

Costumes - Rosemary Gouge

Properties - Lyndsey Bird

Stage Manager & Sound - Daniel Hiller

Lighting - Louisa Kempster

Background Projection Designs - Matthew Palmer

Independent at Auditions - Brandon Corfield

Readers in at Auditions - Adam Bradley, Carol Sharp, Tony Sharp, Gina Slater

Programme Design - Richard Kee

Poster Design - Lydia Farnham

Make Up - Harriet Cuthbert, Annika Dixon, Charlie Lewis

Stage Crew - Lisa Adams, John Brown, Abby Cappleman, Pete Cooper

Front of House Manager - Maxine Kee assisted by Friends of TADLOP

The Band

Keyboard - Nykko Mickael Gregorie

Percussion - CJ Allen

Show Gallery

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