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Me & My Girl 2011

Performed at Oakengates Theatre 12th-16th April, 2011

Cast and Crew

Cast List:

Bill Snibson: Will Hayward

Sally Smith: Lydia Chapman

Maria, Duchess of Dene: Sue Pointon

Sir John Treymayne: Stephen de Launey

Lady Jacqueline Carstone: Frances Taylor

The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke: Chris Hutton

Sir Jasper Tring: Stephen Venezia

Lady Battersby: Angie Astell

Lord Battersby: Ken Young

Herbert Parchester: Paul Roberts

Charles, The Butler: Tony Sharp

Mrs Brown/Sophia Stainsley-Asherton: Jill Davies

Bob Barking/Footman/Thomas de Hareford: Sam Balch

Policeman/Footman/Jonthan de Hareford: Ryan Sayce

Pearly Queen/Pianst/Lady Coleman: Carol Sharp

Mrs Worthington-Worthington: Dilys Williams

Lady Brighton: Jo McMellon

Barmaid/Lady Leicester: Rosemary Gouge

May Miles/Parlour Maid: Holly Ward

Maid/Lady French: Sian Kyle

The Gardner/Baron Gort: Maxwell Shaw

Lady Diss/Cook: Anne Shaw

Lady Lind/Maude (The Cook): Marion Lowe

Lady Smigh/Laundry Maid: Mary Young

Cockney Tart/Maid: Sarah Wilkes

Maid/Lady Leigh: Sally Hobday

Lady Damming: Julie Lowe

House Maids: Sarah Herbert, Stephanie Hood, Samantha Prior

Lady Camberley/Laundry Maid: Anita Williams

House Keeper: Linda Hollington

Boot Boy/Simon de Hareford: Clifford Palmer

The Chauffeur/Lord Lincoln/Richard de Hareford: Ken Brookes

Telegram Boy: Anthony Mason

Production Team:

Director: Robin Cooper

Choreographer: Lydia Chapman

Musical Director: Andy Slater

Assistant Choreographer: Rosemary Gouge

Rehearsal Pianists: Nykko Gregoire, Patience Peplinski, Pam Pickford

Stage Manager: Anthony Mason

Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Cooper

Lighting: Rob Bainbridge

Technical: Ewan Lewis, Rachel Reddihough

Sound: Gary Parton

Stage Properties: Georgia Tooley, Katherine Mathison

Wardrobe: Jennie Elliot, Nigel Whyles

Hair: Rob Talbot

Front of House Manager: Norma Smith

Show Gallery

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