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Oklahoma 2017

Cast and Crew

Cast List

Aunt Eller - Sue Pointon

Curly McLain - Liam McGrath

Laurey Williams - Annika Dixon

Ike Skidmore - Richard Lecrivan

Slim - Rob Lampitt

Fred - Rich Kee

Will Parker - Reiss McSporran

Jud Fry - Adam Wheeler

Ado Annie Carnes - Sammi McSporran

Ali Hakim - Ban Vanezi

Gertie Cummings - Lucy Anderson

Ellen - Lyndsey Bird

Andrew Carnes - Stephen Venezia

Cord Elam - Cameron Walker

Mike - Kurt Hassall

Kate - Laura Davies

Virginia - Laura Palczynski

Sylvie - Sian Kyle

Armina - Roisin Weaver

Aggie - Becky Doyle

Pigtails - Lou Zukiewicz

The Company - Sue Bradley, Abby Cappleman, Alexis Charnell, Rachel Cuthbert, Mary Dixon, Beth Gibson, Steph Hood, Louisa Kempster, Sam Lampitt, Marion Lowe, Naomi Peart, Daisy Sukara-Fielding

The Production Team

Director - Robin Cooper

Musical Director - Ryan Sayce

Choreographer - Samantha Thomas

Assistant Choreographer - Lydia Farnham

Stage Manager - Ellie Southwell

Stage Crew - Peter Cooper, John Brown

Costumes - Mary Dixon, Sammi McSporran, Stageworld

Readers in at Auditions - Gina Slater, Natalie Goldup, Will Hayward

Independent at Auditions - Angela McPake

Font of House Manager - Maxine Kee assisted by Friends of TADLOP

Rehearsal Pianist - Nykko-Mickael Gregoire

Show Gallery

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