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The Wizard of Oz 2013

The Wizard of Oz was awarded a NODA Best Musical production in 2014 for District 2

Cast and Crew

Cast List:

Dorothly Gale: Hannah Bowen / Chloe Sheldon

Scarecrow / Hunk: Robin Cooper

Lion / Zeke: Stephen Davies

Tinman / Hickory: Eric Pover

The Wicked Witch of the West / Miss Gultch: Emma Burrows

Glinda The Good Witch: Kinga Motyka

Wizard of Oz / Professor: Cameron Walker

Aunt Em: Helen Madden

Uncle Henry / Emerald City Guard: Stephen De Launey

Ensemble: Becky Doyle, Karen Seales, Lauren Elliot, Joanna Rose Stelmach, Lucie Lowe, Caroline Slack-Wynn, Samantha Prior, Frances Taylor, Holly Ward, Sabina Smith, Lyndsey Bird, Emily Walker, Annie Crozier, Jaime Wilkinson, Rachel Cuthbert, Mary Young, Louisa Kempster, George Craig, Leigh Kendal, Michael Gregg, Julie Lowe, Brad Lloyd, Marion Lowe, Edward Spendlove, Claire Rogers, Andy Slater, Karen Stott, Will Hayward

Youth & Junior Players; Megan Austin, Harriet Cuthbert, Daisy Wyatt, Libby Driscoll, Ellie Bibby, Toby Driscoll, Ellie Fox, Neha Patnaik, Grace Slater, Ethan Slack-Wynn, Abigail Lumbard, Oliver Stott, Leah Tromans, Holly Tromans, Matthew Rogers, Shannon Fradgley

Production Team:

Director: Sue Pointon

Musical Director: Lydia Farnham

Choreographer: Rosemary Gouge

Assistant to the Director: William Hayward

Assistant Musical Director: Ryan Sayce

Stage Manager: Mark Burrows

Deputy Stage Manager: Pete Cooper

Lighting: Donna Sumnall

Stage Crew: Andy Slater, Devi Patnaik, Tony Jones and Teresa Collins

Sound/Film clip prompts: James Hartshorne

Show Gallery

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